February 17, 2017

Pixi comes to Shoppers Drug Mart

I am so excited about this! Popular UK brand, Pixi, is back in Canada. It has landed at the doorsteps of Shoppers Drug Mart. You may remember they were at Target, but we know how long they lasted in Canada.

One of the things that is so great about Pixi, is the creator: Petra Strand. She's a makeup artist and mom, so she understands the importance of products being fast, effective, multitasking and easy to use. She gets bonus points on her inspiration: faerie folklore. The beautiful light in the forest, the naturalness and freshness, embracing natural beauty.

February 13, 2017

wet n wild 2017 Canadian lineup

100% Cruelty Free and currently 85% vegan (working towards 100%), popular drugstore makeup brand, wet n wild, has released their 2017 lineup for Canada. Keep reading to see what you need to keep your eyes open for!

January 28, 2017

LuckyBag 2017 + Announcement

It's been a crazy few weeks, but I'm here with my latest (and possibly last for a while) beauty splurge: The Beautylish Lucky Bag 2017. Before I get started on the contents of the bag, I want to announce something. If you haven't seen my Instagram, you may have missed the news.

January 11, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Swatch & Review

The name Charlotte Tilbury is practically a household name in the beauty world. She's well known for her work with various models, photographers, magazines, fashion shows, her YouTube channel and most recently, her line of makeup.

December 26, 2016

Josie Maran Glowing Argan Oil Skincare Essentials

Summer or Winter, everyone wants glowing skin. The secret to glowing skin is really in your skincare, and Josie Maran knocked it out of the park!

If you've read my Holiday Value Set guide, you seen that the Josie Maran Glowing Argan Oil Skincare Essentials was at the top of that list. Since purchasing this set during the Sephora 15% off sale, (almost) every item has been used on a daily basis. It's been quite some time since I've fallen in absolute love with a skincare item (or 4!).

December 22, 2016

Drugstore Holiday Look

Christmas or other holiday parties are all around us. While some, like the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are silly, others you get dolled up and put on our fancy party dress. Putting your makeup together doesn't have to be expensive. Today I have a look for you that features only drugstore brands!

December 14, 2016

Holiday Value Sets for Keeping, Splitting or Gifting

One of the best things about this time of year are all of the holiday gift sets that are coming out. Whether you give them out as gifts, or keep them as gifts for yourself, they offer amazing value. One of my favourite things, when we were younger, a few friends would do a gift exchange. Usually it was a little something for each person. I'd buy a few gift sets and separate them for each of my friends; nail polish, lip glosses even some treats like chocolates. It was such a fun thing to do.

So today, I'm going to show you some of my favourite gift sets that are currently available. Give them, split them or keep them, it's up to you!

November 18, 2016

Derma MD: Double Duty Products + Giveaway

Derma MD

Over the past several years, proper skincare has become more important to me. Makeup removal and toning was always a part of the daily routine, but the rest seemed to be annoying things that took too much time. Needless to say, that thinking is wrong.

A proper skincare routine needs to include makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliating (not too often!), toning, a serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sun protection and the occasional mask. That may sound like a lot, but it's really not. The trick? Look for products that do double duty. Here are a few items from Derma MD that do just that.

September 25, 2016

Lip Oils: Worth the hype?

One of the biggest lip trends this year are lip oils. With so many companies coming out with these oils, from Hourglass to Physicians Formula, they're hard to miss. But are you missing out?

September 14, 2016

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizing Powder: Review + Swatch

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizing Powder

I think we can all agree that strategically applied highlighter can make any walking zombie look alive and glamorous. For those that are living, it can give the wearer a dewy, freshly moisturized look. It can also highlighter certain parts of one's face (or d├ęcolletage). Got killer cheekbones? Highlight those bad boys. Want to draw attention to those beautiful peepers? Add some highlighter. Want your lips to look fuller? That's right, use a touch of highlighter.

September 05, 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks: Swatch + Review

Artist Rouge Lipstick

If you haven't heard the news yet, Make Up For Ever has re-vamped their line of Rouge Artist lipsticks. The new line, Artist Rouge, contains 25% more pigment and has a non-drying formula. With colours for every skin tone and options to go with neutrals or bold makeup looks, Make Up For Ever's Artist Rouge has got you covered.

August 21, 2016

When the contents don't match the packaging

There's nothing better than being able to go to a store and swatch to your heart's content to find that perfect shade of eyeshadow or lipstick. Unless you're looking for something specific, it can be quite fun and maybe even relaxing. But what about when we have to purchase something online? Maybe a special online sale, or a brand that's not available in your local store. You hope that the packaging shows the colour accordingly and that maybe there's a blogger or two that have swatches for you to refer to.

When the package and the inner contents don't match, sometimes it's a pleasant surprise. Most of the time, it's a disappointment.

August 15, 2016

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil: Swatch + Review

We all have our go-to makeup looks. Mine happens to be a winged liner using none other than my Kat Von D Tattoo liner. If you haven't read my post about this liner, it's my holy grail. It lasts all day like no other liner. However, I've recently discovered a pencil liner that's also been giving me all day results.

August 03, 2016

Alpabet Nails:Joker's Wild

Revlon Joker's Wild

If you ask me to do a colour association with the word joker, I would say green. I automatically think of the beloved Batman villain.  But Revlon's Joker's Wild is a far cry from being a villain.

Revlon Joker's Wild

Joker's Wild is a beautiful coral/orange cream that works so good for summer. If you think the colour screams for attention, it does. But it's not begging for attention. It's flattering. It goes with just about everything. It's a wild card.

Revlon Joker's Wild

This was fully opaque with 2 coats and lasted nearly a week before tip wear and crackling. The polish has the double-wide brush that I love and dries in a reasonable time period (just a couple minutes - and obviously don't bang your nail for the next hour).

Revlon Joker's Wild

July 31, 2016

Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer: Review

Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

Let's talk concealer. They're fantastic at hiding those minor imperfections and making you look like you got a full night's sleep when really you've been up all night tending to a crying baby. Get a good one, it works wonders. Get a bad one, and it'll turn into a hot mess real quick.

For the longest time, I was in that hot mess category. Over the years, I've tried a couple different ones, but none that were amazing. They were just OK. Concealer is some serious business. Ok just doesn't cut it.